Honorable Director Visits NR&DCA, Gelephu…

On May 13, 2022, the Hon’ble Director, Department of Livestock (DoL), Thimphu visited National Research & Development Centre for Aquaculture (NR&DCA), Gelephu, and delivered a guest lecture on how to work in a team to enhance civil service delivery. Dasho was accompanied by the Chief, Livestock Production Division (LPD) and other staff of the LPD. The staff were reminded to work with due diligence and accountability to be more effective and efficient at all times.

Director shared the importance of each and everybody’s role that contributes to the nation-building. She also emphasized the roles that each Bhutanese should shoulder to strengthen our country. Dasho talked about resilience, Tha Damtse, and the need to cultivate self-discipline and commitment. Dasho said that these attributes are important to empower scope to survive in the future which is very challenging and volatile. Also, to build character and to build your ability to be resilient, to be able to adapt to any circumstances and challenges. Additionally, Dasho also provided technical guidance and way forward remarks to drive aquaculture development activities by creating enabling environment.

Dasho is on a tour to Sarpang & Tsirang Dzongkhag(s) and visited commodity centers.  At NR&DCA, Dasho and the team visited Carp Hatchery and then Conservation Centre for Golden Mahseer and other native fishes. This is Dasho’s first visit to NR&DCA as the new Director of the department.


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