Completion of Major Renovation of Fish Ponds at NR&DCA…

Major renovation of  fishpond  and irrigation channel at National Research & Development Centre for Aquaculture was started from November 26,2019 has been successfully completed on  January 18, 2020 within the expected timeline. To renovate 20 number varying sizes of fish pond, sum of  Nu. 289845.78 ( Ngultrum  Two lakhs Eighty nine thousand  Eight hundred forty five & Ch. Seventy eight only)  has been incurred to met the cost of 5272 liters of diesel and other lubricant for excavator hired from Central Machinery Unit (CMU), Bumthang on fuel basis. To renovate above fish ponds, excavators took 302 hours (44 working days). These will aid in enhanced  production of fish seedlings to be distributed to fish farmers of 13 Dzongkhags.

    By NR&DCA Management

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