Selected Candidate for Fishery Attendant (ESP)…

The National Research & Development Centre for Aquaculture (NR&DCA) Department of Livestock (DoL), Ministry of Agriculture & Forests (MoAF) is pleased to announce the following selected candidates for the post of Fishery Attendant (ESP) as mentioned below.


Sl No Name of Candidates  for ESP CID No: Remarks
1 Norbu Jamtsho 11506001111 Selected
2 Passang Dorji 10202001394 Selected
3 Santa Maya Rai 21307000171 Selected
4 Kali Maya Tamang 11304000972 Selected
5 Sangay Choden 11106004840 Selected

As per section 4.11.2, chapter 4 of BCSR, 2018, all selected candidates who pass the drug test will be appointed for employment at NR&DCA. If the selected candidate fails the drug test, the position shall be offered to next candidate in order of merit ranking.


 NR&DCA, Gelephu

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