Block-Week for CNR B Sc. Animal Science (Year 1) Students successfully conducted…

Since the introduction of aquaculture in the syllabus for the students of Bachelors in Science degree in CNR, NRDCA have been providing the students with on farm classes in the form of block-week. The training includes both theoretical as well as practical sessions.As is the practice every year, this year also a class of twenty one students were trained on different aspects of management on aquaculture. A week long session consisted of theory classes in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon. This block-week was held from 8th of September to 13th of September 2017.


Day 1

The program kick started with theory class on fish propagation. The class was briefed on the importance of fish breeding and how they are categorized. During the practical session in the afternoon, the trainees were shown the different structures of a fish pond. The day ended with another practical session on liming and manuring a fish pond.

Day 2

On the second day, a theory class on the important aspects of live fish transportation was conducted. The trainees were also taught the fish health and disease management. The practical session was conducted on fingerling packaging and transportation.

Day 3

The trainees were briefed on the different anatomies of fish in the morning of the third day. Theory session on identification of six different species of cultivable carps was also conducted. During practical, demonstration of net dragging and artificial propagation of fish was carried out.

Day 4

Day four started with theory session on the advantages of integration of aquaculture with other livestock. The afternoon session consisted of practical class on feed formulation demonstration and feeding.

Day 5

On the final day theory class on quality assurance of fresh fish was conducted. The day ended with a field visit to the farm of one of the progressive fish farmers in Sisty under Singye geog under Sarpang dzongkhag.


Since College of Natural Resources does not currently have available the expertise or the facilities to enable the trainees to learn fully on-campusthe aspects of aquaculture, National Research & Development Centre has been providing on-campus as well as on-farm classes. Including the latest batch, NRDCA has received and trained four batches of trainees till date.

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