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  1. Rahul Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a trout farmer in Himachal pradesh near Patlikuhal. I am currently into second year of farming, producing 6-7 tonnes of trout in 10 raceways. I am also a trader of high quality floating and sinking trout feed.
    Fingerlings are fed sinking type feed till they achieve a size of 20-30 gms. Then they are converted to floating type feed. Available in different pellet sizes depending on the size of the fish.
    With this quality feed, I achieved plate size fish 300-350 gms within 10 months after stocking of 1.5-2 gms sized seeds.
    I read in an article about lack of good quality trout feed in Bhutan.
    If you’re interested in purchasing good quality trout feed. You can please contact me.
    Thanking you
    Rahul sharma
    Phone: +919871096644

    • NCA Gelephu says:

      Dear Sir,
      You read right about there being a lack of good quality trout feed in Bhutan. However, there is a separate agency called National Centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries (NCR&LF) that deals with trout culture development in Bhutan. We have forwarded your email to the said agency.
      Kind regards.
      NCA Management.

  2. Hello,

    I am looking for supplier of ornamental live fishes who can support us on a regular basis for imports into India.

    Best regards,

    Lourdes Fernandes
    skype : lourdes.fernandes5
    email :


    I AM FISHERY CONSULTANT FROM KOLKATA,WEST BENGAL, INDIA, SEVERAL TIME I WENT TO BHUTAN , IN THIS REASON I AM SURE if Bhutan fishery dept try to production fresh water prawn culture that will be success,

  4. Tashi says:

    can you please forward me a sample copy of DPR for Fishery?

    • NCA Gelephu says:

      Dear Madam/ Sir,
      Please communicate with Mr. Drukpola or Mr. Gopala Prasad Khanal, Livestock Production Officers at the NCA at 06-251200, for assistance regarding development of DPRs for fish farms.
      Kind regards.

  5. Dhendrul dorji says:

    Hello sir,
    I am planning on starting up a trout farm for commercial purpose in paro.i got in touch with the fishery centre in haa and they have asked me to put up a letter to them requesting for a fesibility study on the area.i also have plans to try out aquaponics together with the trout farm for growing vegetables and fruits in the near future.the centre was not sure as to how much help they can provide from their side as this would be their first time.i was wondering if the office from down can give me some form of help.i am based in thimphu but will have to try out in paro as i don’t have land here in thimphu.does the ministry of agriculture give out land on lease for fish farming? Do they help in connection with banks to give out loans on Lesser interest rates? Any kind of information would be great help la. thanking you.

    Dhendrul Dorji

    • NCA Gelephu says:

      Dear Mr.Dorji,
      We are extremely glad that you contacted us, seeking vital information to take your plans forward. Thank you.
      During the 11 Five Year Plan, one of the important activities that Department of Livestock (DoL)/ NCA/ NCL&RF (fishery centre in Haa) intends to undertake is to promote and support the culture of trout (Rainbow trout). As such, your plan is perfectly aligned with ours, and you did the right thing by contacting the NCL&RF. That said, now please put up a request for feasibility study to the NCL&RF. Thereafter, DoL/ NCA/ NCL&RF will guide and help you to take your plan to fruition.
      As to your inquiring whether or not Ministry of Agriculture and Forests leases out public/ government land for fish farming, there are a few commercial sized fish farms in Sarpang and other Dzongkhags that have been built on such land and operated by groups of farmers or individuals. Therefore, we suggest that you put up an application requesting land on lease to the Local Government/ Dzongkhag Administration. (The right official to approach would be the Geog Livestock Extension Officer/ Dzongkhag Livestock Officer for a trout farming venture. You may require a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to accompany your application, in which case, please do contact the NCA/ NCL&RF for assistance to prepare one). Thereafter, you will receive proper and guided advice from the relevant authorities.
      As to your question on low interest credit from banks, we are sorry that we do not have much information to share with you. Since fish farming is a relatively cheaper activity, most farmers we have guided and supported so far did not feel the need to avail of credit from financial institutions. However, since you are planning to start a Trout farm which is more expensive than Carp farming, you may have to turn to banks for assistance at some point. That said, our belief is that any bank would back/ support an activity that has great potential to fetch a high Return on Investment (RoI), and Trout farming definitely is an activity with a high RoI under the current circumstances in Bhutan. So, we would encourage you to approach some banks for further information/ assistance.
      Thank you once again for giving us a chance to be of some assistance to you. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please do write to us at

      National Centre for Aquaculture, Gelephu.
      Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

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